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Making your printrbot metal simple a bit quieter

I've actually done this after a month after owning my PSM. It works and is very noticable. Make sure you check which board you have before making changes. Copied from:

Below is a copy for an easier read, but its for the Rev F version of the printrboard.

The guide for Rev B through D is located here.

Image 1/2: Note: Commands are case sensitive.

Step 2

Stepper motor current is adjusted by sending commands to the printer.

Note: Commands are case sensitive.


M907: Sets motor current as a percentage of the full-scale adjustment (ex: M907 X30 Y30 Z30 E30 sets all motor current levels to 30% of the full-scale reference value).

M909: Reads the present motor current setpoints (similar to M501).

M910: Saves motor current setpoints (similar to M500).

Image 2/2: Commands:

2 Step 3

Use the M907 command to set a mid-level value (50 is a good starting point). For example: M907 X50 Y50 Z50 E50.

Use manual movement commands (larger values work best) to move the motors.

Incrementally adjust individual axis down 10 points at a time until they stop moving. Example: M907 X40, and then M907 X30.

When the motor stops moving reliably (skipping steps), move it back up 10 points, and move to the next axis.

Step 4

Run M910 to save the new values.

Step 5

Run M909 to verify that the values were saved.

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Simplify 3D note

If you ever have an issue with the way simplify3d is slicing try to do the following which was recommended on reddit:

The way to fix this is to add 0.001mm to the primary layer height. i.e if you are using 0.2000mm, change it to 0.2001 and so on.

S3D has some weird bug where it can't always detect vertices properly, or something like that. I believe that the official line from the devs is that the model has problems, but that is BS.

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Belt tension

Ever wonder how tight your belts should be on your printrbot or any 3d printer? Well thanks to redditor /RememberToBackupData, somebody posted a good way of doing this.

I use a guitar tuner app to help me get my belts consistently tight. I traverse the stage or arm so that it's furthest away from the belt tensioning screws, and then I strum the belt and ballpark the sound around 150 hz. Do note that I just picked 150 hz arbitrarily; I couldn't find any advice about how tight a belt should be except the eminently helpful, "Not too tight and not too loose." I think the design of the Simple makes perfect belt tightness unimportant, but I feel that having a benchmark for consistency is a good idea.

There is now a gates mobile app called Carbon Drive that also has a frequency measuring tool. For my core-xy machine I tune in the belts around 46hz. Just pluck in a quiet environment. Make sure to not have fans on or you'll get a bad reading.

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