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Making your printrbot metal simple a bit quieter

I've actually done this after a month after owning my PSM. It works and is very noticable. Make sure you check which board you have before making changes. Copied from:

Below is a copy for an easier read, but its for the Rev F version of the printrboard.

The guide for Rev B through D is located here.

Image 1/2: Note: Commands are case sensitive.

Step 2

Stepper motor current is adjusted by sending commands to the printer.

Note: Commands are case sensitive.


M907: Sets motor current as a percentage of the full-scale adjustment (ex: M907 X30 Y30 Z30 E30 sets all motor current levels to 30% of the full-scale reference value).

M909: Reads the present motor current setpoints (similar to M501).

M910: Saves motor current setpoints (similar to M500).

Image 2/2: Commands:

2 Step 3

Use the M907 command to set a mid-level value (50 is a good starting point). For example: M907 X50 Y50 Z50 E50.

Use manual movement commands (larger values work best) to move the motors.

Incrementally adjust individual axis down 10 points at a time until they stop moving. Example: M907 X40, and then M907 X30.

When the motor stops moving reliably (skipping steps), move it back up 10 points, and move to the next axis.

Step 4

Run M910 to save the new values.

Step 5

Run M909 to verify that the values were saved.

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