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Z-probe and height configuration for deltas using smoothie firmware

This is a quick method of configuring your delta printer If you're using smoothie firmware and a probe installed. Once you have the basics, rod length, delta radius and approximate height. Verify that your probe works with M119 gcode command.

Next, do a G32 to do an auto-calibration. Save with M500. Be aware this save additional info such as extruder steps, which might not be correct.

Set your Z-height/Z-gap

Lastly jog all the way to the bed use a dollar bill or card and then use M306 Z0.1 after calibration to set the offsets rather than mess with setting probe offsets.

Ensure that your carriage is moving the expected distance when you do a Z jog. Jogging down 10mm should move the carriage 10mm. This will let you know if your XYZ steps/mm are set correctly for your micro-step settings.

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